Cynq is a future facing marketing automation platform. It disintermediates and allows multiple participants (brands, channels and consumers) to create an eco system to connect directly to interact with each other and create and exchange value. Cynq is built to offer direct solutions for the numerous activities in the marketing cycle. (Currently 4 are under development). Cynq enables a scalable direct to consumer interaction & engagement – offering end to end* (link to caterpillar) facilitation including national OLO activities . Its proprietary tools (link to short narrative of SOE, AAQ & ROX) sets up a two way conversation with consumers and build relationships to gather actionable real time data and create LTRV – Lifetime Relationship Value. Cynq is creating The Future Of Marketing and makes its platform users more successful.
We make others more successful.

Platform Partners

Creative D2C marketing campaigns and activities to reach out to your consumers directly Start building relationships now. 

Get connected to hundreds of brands wishing to reach their consumers directly. Register your channel for direct access and evaluation by the brand manager. 

The marketing cycle requires numerous credible vendors and service providers. Register with us and be available to hundreds of projects being executed on CYNQ* by mega brand owners whom you may not be registered with. 

Platform Partners - Brands & Channels

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